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The Sunshine Project - compassionate guitarist ...29.07.2020

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Dear reader, dear guitarist, My name is Ayo Elizabeth, I am Nigerian, I have lived in Vienna for almost 20 years and I am an artist in the true sense of the word. I graduated from the Univ. of Applied arts as a fashion designer (So I speak fluent German just prefer writing English as I won't have to think about grammar at all...LOL) , I love to sing, dance, do different kinds of arts etc. I sang a lot, almost throughout my entire teenage life. I'm posting this because I'd like to sing in public spaces in Vienna, ideally with a guitarist would be places with a lot of leg traffic to raise funds for orphanages, struggling widows, widowers, families in Nigeria. I am very passionate about children, I founded the project https://www.mysunshineproject.org/ some years ago. Covid hit really hard in places like my country where families are struggling to feed and receiving a donation as small as ten euros could bring a lot of sunshine. In other words, this is a fund raising / hobby / fun singing project for me. I am a Christian who loves to sing Christian rock / gospel. If you feel drawn towards this mission, please feel free to email me on moturola@yahoo.com or +43 650 819 83 17 Together we could bring sunshine upon some faces by donating our time, talent(s) and voice. It could be a one-off, or repetitive according to your availability. Much Love + Shalom, 'Ayo

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Direktkontakt: moturola@yahoo.com

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